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Job Number Job Title Salary Job Type Field State Posted Date
F10639 Business Development Manager / Bilingual Japanese 90K ~ Plus Full-time SALES / MARKETING CA 07/17/2024
T6973 Export Promotion Assistant / Public Affairs 部農林水産グループ Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and other industries (Public Affairs Department) $22.00 Temporary ADMINISTRATIVE & OFFICE NY 07/11/2024
T6972 Project Assistant $22.00/h Temporary ADMINISTRATIVE & OFFICE NY 07/10/2024
F10638 Accounting Coordinator/ Bilingual Japanese is required 50-55K Full-time ACCOUNTING & FINANCE NY 07/08/2024
F10637 Business Development Manager / Bilingual Japanese 100K plus Full-time SALES / MARKETING NJ 07/03/2024
F10631 Manager in Banking Industry /Bilingual Japanese 90-130K Full-time TECHNOLOGY & IT NY 07/03/2024
F10636 Logistics Assistant 50-65K Full-time ADMINISTRATIVE & OFFICE NY 06/27/2024
T6971 Project Assistant $22.00/h Temporary ADMINISTRATIVE & OFFICE NY 06/26/2024
F10635 Vice President / Real Estate Investment Fund Director 150-185K Full-time ACCOUNTING & FINANCE NY 06/25/2024
F10633 Copywriter + Marketing Assistant 45-60K Full-time OTHERS NY 06/20/2024
F10632 Senior Staff Accountant / Bilingual Japanese 70-75K Full-time ACCOUNTING & FINANCE NY 06/07/2024
F10629 Operation Assistant/ Real Asset Investments/ Bilingual Japanese 70-78K Full-time ACCOUNTING & FINANCE NY 05/24/2024
F10626 Sales Executive 68 to 78K plus commission/bonus Full-time SALES / MARKETING PA 05/16/2024
F10625 Sales Executive 78 to 88K plus commission/bonus Full-time SALES / MARKETING NY 05/16/2024
F10622 Project Senior Manager / Bilingual Japanese 70-90K Full-time ADMINISTRATIVE & OFFICE NY 05/09/2024
F10624 Office Senior Manager / Bilingual Japanese 70-90K Full-time ADMINISTRATIVE & OFFICE NY 05/09/2024
F10620 Japanese Teacher (Part time) / Bilingual Japanese $55-$80/hr. DOE Full-time OTHERS NY 05/03/2024
T6965 Trade show Assistant /Bilingual Japanese is required $22.00/h Temporary OTHERS NY 05/03/2024
F10619 Operation Analyst in Private Equity Department 90-100K+bonus Full-time ACCOUNTING & FINANCE NY 05/02/2024
F10613 Airport Operations Representative / Bilingual Japanese preferred 45.7 to 54K Full-time OTHERS NY 04/25/2024
F10617 AVP, Assistant Director/ Private Equity Analyst 115-160K+bonus Full-time ACCOUNTING & FINANCE NY 04/15/2024
F10612 IT Support Engineer 52-69K Full-time TECHNOLOGY & IT TX 03/20/2024
F10519 Accounting Assistant 65-75K Full-time ACCOUNTING & FINANCE NY 03/01/2024
F10605 Store Assistant Manager/ Bilingual Japanese 44K-48K Full-time OTHERS NJ 02/29/2024
F10604 Assistant Director in the Private Debt Fund Investment 115-150K Full-time ACCOUNTING & FINANCE NY 02/27/2024
F10601 Sales Manager 70-100K plus incentive Full-time SALES / MARKETING NY 02/14/2024
F10599 Project Manager/ Bilingual Japanese 120K Full-time TECHNOLOGY & IT NY 02/13/2024
F10595 Sales Manager / Bilingual Japanese 90-100K Full-time SALES / MARKETING NY 01/30/2024
F10592 Sales Manager / Bilingual Japanese 80-100K plus bonus Full-time SALES / MARKETING NJ 01/29/2024
F10588 Ocean & Inland Operations Coordinator 41.6K-52K Full-time IMPORT / EXPORT IL 01/22/2024
F10589 Ocean & Inland Operations Coordinator 49.9K-60.3K Full-time IMPORT / EXPORT NY 01/22/2024
F10579 Assistant Manager/ Bilingual Japanese $75-85K Full-time SALES / MARKETING NY 01/08/2024
F10568 Account Executive / Bilingual Spanish 50K plus incentive bonus Full-time SALES / MARKETING FL 12/09/2023
F10567 Account Executive / Bilingual Japanese 50K plus incentive bonus Full-time SALES / MARKETING FL 12/09/2023
F10566 IT Project Manager / Bilingual Japanese 90K- 110K Full-time TECHNOLOGY & IT NY 12/06/2023
F10562 Human Resources Manager / Bilingual Japanese 100 - 120K Full-time OTHERS NY 11/10/2023
F10561 HR Assistant Manager / Bilingual Japanese 70 - 73K Full-time OTHERS NY 11/10/2023
F10560 Purchasing Support Non-Food/ Bilingual Japanese 37.4K Full-time ADMINISTRATIVE & OFFICE NJ 11/06/2023
F10559 E-Commerce Specialist/ Bilingual Japanese 37.4K Full-time OTHERS NJ 11/03/2023
F10558 Credit Analyst/ Bilingual Japanese 60-80K Full-time ACCOUNTING & FINANCE NY 11/02/2023
F10555 IT Business Analyst in Counterparty Credit Risk/ Bilingual in Japanese is a plus 80-100K Full-time TECHNOLOGY & IT NY 10/30/2023
F10495 Real Estate Sales Representative/ Bilingual Japanese 45-50K Full-time OTHERS NY 10/25/2023
F10554 SAP ERP Manager/ Bilingual Japanese 90-130K Full-time TECHNOLOGY & IT NY 10/23/2023
F10551 Security Engineer/ Bilingual Japanese 70-85K Full-time TECHNOLOGY & IT CA 10/16/2023
F10550 Air Coordinator 39.5-58K Full-time IMPORT / EXPORT CA 10/10/2023
F10512 Advanced Technical Support/ Bilingual Japanese is preferred 50-90K Full-time TECHNOLOGY & IT NY 10/01/2023
F10352 Sales and Trade Representative 45-75K Full-time SALES / MARKETING KY 09/08/2023
F10535 Product Designer 60-70K Full-time OTHERS NY 08/24/2023
F10526 Business Analyst/ Bilingual Japanese 75-95K Full-time TECHNOLOGY & IT NY 08/07/2023
F10522 System Analyst 77-94K Full-time TECHNOLOGY & IT NY 08/01/2023