Job #: F10194 | Added Date: 11/29/2021

Logistics Coordinator


  • Full-time
  • 70-90K
  • Region: US
  • Location: NYC , NY


商社にてロジスティックコーディネーターを新規募集! Japanese global company is looking for an experiences Logistics Coordinator!


■ Duties and responsibilities 

Logistics Arrangement
・ Schedule and coordinate transportation plan such as vessels and barges including overseas transactions. (Railcars are arranged by customer service team.) (Placing orders, invoicing etc are done by customer service team.)
・ Monitor and control inventory in US at safe level by transportation arrangement and collecting forecast of sales volume.
・ Possess ability to deal with issues such as delay, demurrage, breakage, contamination and so on by the both internal and external communication with vendors, customers and suppliers.
・ Keep good communication with vendors to be able to solve any operational issues by discussing with them.

Logistics Analysis and Cost Optimization
・ Understand the cost structure and liabilities of logistics Agreement/Contract with terminal, vessel, barge,
railcar and railroad.
・ Understand the logistics-related parts of the sales and purchase contracts.
・ Keep improving logistics cost by optimizing logistics such as terminal, vessel, barge and railcar.
・ Deep knowledge of structure of sales/purchase price and logistics cost and arithmetic skills to calculate, analyze an impact on XXXX's profit/loss and recommend optimization of logistics.

Sales Support
・ Provide cost analysis upon request for assisting marketing team.
・Maintain good communication with customers to be able to understand and anticipate customers’ needs,
problems for logistics.
・ Solve any issues with customers related to operations and logistics like demurrage, contamination and so on.
・ Give the advice for logistics related parts of Sales Agreement/Contract when sales members are checking the draft and after Agreement/Contract is signed.
・ Prepare Logistics Agreement/Contract (Terminal, Barge, Railcars, Railroad and Throughput) with vendors and finalize it through discussion with vendors.

Business trip
・ Organize the meeting and visit vendors with sales team. (5 days or more per month on average. Occasional weekend travel.)
・ Use meeting time efficiently by preparing topics to discuss, inquiries to ask and presentation (if necessary) in advance and follow the To-Do lists after meeting.
・ Possible attendance to the global meeting held in Japan.

Routine work
・ Internal report (Business trip report, monthly report, Sales forecast, operational update etc.) 
・ Regulation management. (FDA, TSCA etc.)
・ Supporting customer service members.
・ Other related tasks.


・ Greater than 3 years experience in the position to optimize logistics of chemical products in US (terminal, vessel, barge, railcar and truck) and arrange logistics in US and overseas.
・ Working knowledge of Incoterms 2020.
・ Bachelor Business degree or equivalent.
・ Solid computer skills including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
・ Strong desire to learn and quickly assume the responsibility of the position. 
・ Proactive mind and attitude of problem discovery and solving.