Job #: F10191 | Added Date: 12/01/2021

Data Analyst / Entry to Exp'd / Bilingual Japanese


  • Full-time
  • 50K to 100K
  • Region: US
  • Location: NYC , NY


プロジェクトマネジメント・コンサルティングサービスを提供。【STEM OPT ビザサポートあり】ミッドタウンの大手IT企業でデータアナリストを募集中です! 新卒の方でも応募できます。日本在住の方も応募可能。 E-visa スポンサーも可能。 クラウド・ビッグデータ基盤などの技術や、アジャイル開発メソッドなど最新の知見を駆使して、金融機関のビジネスの変革を支援。





The Data Analyst Expert (Tableau) joins our customer’s or internal projects and provides data analyzing services. The position is responsible for gathering business requirements, required data, and cleaning and visualizing data by leveraging Tableau, a Business Intelligence (BI) tool. The position also requires keeping and developing the relationship with our customers.

Ultimately, the job of the Data Analyst Expert (Tableau) is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing a data analyzing service to our customers or our internal project. This include

・ Listening to the voice of customers and stakeholders and leading to solving their problems by data analyzing skills.

・ Supporting and assisting customers who lead a project.

・ Supporting regular work of customers related to their Tableau’s daily operation.

・ Extracting, cleaning, and creating data by using Tableau Prep, existing databases, SQL, Python programming, pivot tables, and other related applications.

・ Coordinating with related stakeholders to gather required data to create beneficial Tableau dashboards.

・ Creating dashboards to satisfy customer requirements by using Tableau Desktop.

・ Publish dashboards to permitted users on Tableau Server.

・ Learning customer business and operation to keep improving on our service.

・ Learning data science to improve analytical skills.

・ Developing relationships with customers by providing high-quality data analyzing service.

・ Looking for potential business opportunities in parallel with working for an ongoing project.

・ Collaborating with international employees located in Tokyo, London, San Francisco, and so on.

・ Possibility to join night or morning meetings with people working overseas.


・ The Data Analyst Expert (Tableau) requires leading customers' projects independently by gathering what our customers needs. Specific skill includes

・ 3 years+ data analyzing experience by using Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, and Tableau Server/Tableau Online.

・ Data analytical skills and knowledge such as database, SQL, pivot.

・ Ability of VBA and Python programming to clean and explore data.

・ 5 years+ working experience in the computer science or technology industry.

・ 3 years+ working experience for customer projects.

・ Ability to coordinate and lead stakeholders independently to achieve the goals of each project.

・ Banking industry business knowledge especially FX business.

・ Business-level English and Japanese.