Job #: F10096 | Added Date: 07/02/2021

Manager (HR/Benefits, Communication, Office Admin.)


  • Full-time
  • 60K
  • Region: US
  • Location: Houston , TX


1. General Summary This position is responsible for administering the Company's benefit plans and payroll functions, ensuring that all Staff are provided with necessary HR-related information, supervising the Assistant, General Affairs staff as the office manager, functioning as the organizer and contact person of the group companies-wide issues such as business related insurances program, 401k group testing and the consolidation of medical insurance, and assisting Corporate Secretary for various issues related to the Company’s business. 2. Essential Job Functions Primary Job Functions: 60% Manage Company Benefits: • coordinating the administration of Staff benefit programs such as group health plans, 401(k) plan, health insurance continuation (COBRA), and any other Company benefits. • planning the implementation and administration of benefit programs • ensuring that all benefits-related information is processed accurately. • updating Staff benefits information, personnel records, and processing claims. • managing any other benefits-related duties as necessary. Analyzes Benefits: • conducting research regarding standard benefits practices of similar companies in order to maintain competitive benefits packages. • evaluating services, coverage, and options available through insurance and investment companies to determine the best programs available for the Company. • recommending changes to the Company's benefits plans as necessary. Performs Payroll Duties: • processing the bi-monthly payroll and processing ADP’s monthly payments associated with payroll. • maintaining files of Staffs’ paid leaves, loan schedules, etc. • managing all payroll tax information and maintaining ADP payroll registers, W2 Forms, and others. • performing other payroll related duties including Accounting G/L entries and PR adjustments as necessary. Maintains Staff Information Confidentially: • ensuring that Staff personal and personnel records are accurately maintained and updated within necessary regulations. • ensuring that Staff data is accurately maintained and updated, including paid time off, absences, performance, etc. Communicates With Staff and External Parties: • providing Staff with timely information about benefits, payroll, HR-related news, employment laws, etc. • keeping abreast with HR-related news etc. to inform Staff in a timely manner. • answering HR-related questions from Staff or Managers • assisting with new hire orientations; and by contacting lawyers, etc. as necessary. Performs the office manager duties: • functioning as the primary organizer and coordinator with the external IT vendors for various IT related issues and plans such as procurement of PC and other devices for employees, the maintenance and renewal of IT and network systems and communicating with employees for those IT related issues. • supervising the Assistant, General Affairs staff for the various activities related to the office management as well as the supporting activities for the Expats dispatched to joint ventures. • performing the primary contact person of the Company in the relation with external parties such as the landlord and the management company of the premises, local government, fire department, security company. • investigating and proposing ideas to Management to minimize office expenses and increase efficiency. • assisting with the building safety program by being a deputy warden • being an active member of the Company’s Advisory Committee on Harassment. Secondary Job Functions: 30% Functioning as the organizer of group companies under the affiliation of the Company: • communicating with group companies as well as the external parties such as insurance, companies, agents and brokers for the renewal and improvement of the business insurance programs in which the Company and other group companies participate in • functioning as the center of the coordination with the group companies in order to respond to the regulatory requirements of testing and reporting of the 401K program as the group, and by conducting some research of the possibility of the consolidation of various benefit packages among group companies. Provides assistances to Office Admin. Assistant, A/P& Cash Management staff: • supporting communication (in Spanish from time to time) with the Company’s Mexico office staff as well as the external parties in Mexico for various issues including the payment processing of the office expenses, visa and work permit related issues of the Expats, and other tax and regulation related issues, of Mexico Office. Performs as a Company’s Contribution Committee Member: • being an active member of the Company’s Contribution Committee and managing the Company’s non-profit contributions information • writing letters to the outside parties and distributing and filing tax compliance forms from the non-profit organizations the Company contributes Keeps Senior Management Informed: • participating in meetings • reporting problems to Senior Management verbally or in writing in order to avoid confusion and further problems. • recommending changes for improvements in the Company's functions to Senior Management. Performs General Administrative Duties: • writing and distributing reports and other correspondence • distributing mail and faxes when necessary • accurately filing and maintaining documents and making copies • performing other administrative duties as needed. Common Job Functions: 10% Contributes to the Team Effort: • being flexible in work assignments and covering for other Staff as needed • accomplishing related tasks when requested. Maintains Professional and Technical Knowledge: • attaining job-related certification • keeping up on industry trends • applying that knowledge to the job. Acts on Constructive Feedback: • being open to feedback from peers, Supervisors, and clients and using the feedback to improve performance. Improves Processes: • examining departmental work cprocesses, research procedures, administrative procedures, etc. and recommending changes where appropriate. Upholds Work Standards: • maintaining professional conduct and appearance • realizing one’s own limitations and seeking assistance when needed. • using established communication channels. Complies with Federal, State, and Local Requirement: • studying existing and new regulations, for example, employment laws and OSHA compliance • enforcing adherence to requirements • anticipating new regulations and filing reports as necessary • advising Senior Management as needed 3. Essential Job Requirements:


Bachelor's degree or equivalent from four-year college or university; and eight to ten years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.