Job #: F10018 | Added Date: 02/16/2021

Project Manager


  • Full-time
  • D.O.E.
  • Region: US
  • Location: Anywhere , TX


This system interfaces with various internal/external applications in NA/EMEA and the Tokyo Head Office. The bank staff operates this system to book Money, CD, CP, Time Deposit, Facility, Security Trade, Security Inventory, Derivative, Repo, Reverse Repo and Collateral, make payments, and generate accounting ledgers. While the servers are located at NJ/NY, the application is developed and maintained by the Tokyo application support team. Daily deliverables include end-to-end project management, troubleshooting of issues and managing risks. Acts as a technical expert who works cross-functionally on the project within the area of expertise. Reports to the supervisors.


· BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or a related field preferred but not required. · Wide variety of technical understanding on computing technology such as Server-client architecture, Networking, LDAP, AD, VMware, SAN, NAS, DNS, DHCP, Citrix, Cluster servers, System Monitoring, Job Scheduler, ODBC, SFTP, MQ. The position does not require to be an expert of any one field, but need to have good knowledge in many different technologies to grasp project requirements and produce plans. · Experience with UNIX, Linux and Windows servers. Network and interface communication technologies including but not limited to MQ, SFTP, HTTP and ODBC. ・ Back office business analysis and design experience including payment, settlement, cash flow, accounting and reconciliation is a plus. Must be Bilingual in Japanese and English.